Three decades now! The journey of the Techno India Group has been a phenomenal one. Today the organization is a brand all across the globe with its wings spread in diverse sectors, providing opportunities to the youth of India beyond measure. What started as a sapling in the year 1985 is today a gigantic tree with numerous branches extending education, entertainments, publication, health and media to the entrepreneuring generation of India. Taking up challenge and being successful in every endeavour has been the hallmark of Techno India Group and with every passing day, this organization is crossing new milestones. It is therefore, relevant at this point to take a brief look at how this journey began.


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Popular Courses

Make everyday life more efficient by encompassing variety of technologies! Explore the dynamic specializations under Techno India Group of institutions.
Computer Application
Meet the industrial demands of the digital era at the forefront of technological innovation. Pursue a degree course in Computer Applications and increase your career prospects.
Study management at the Techno India Group of Institutions and up-skill yourself to become a seasoned leader. We offer a plethora of specializations to help you acquire theoretical, practical as well as analytical knowledge.
We host varied domain core diploma courses supported by industry professionals and experts. Join Techno India Group of Institutions and gain a broad overview and understanding of the business world.
School of Engineering & Technology
SNU School of Engineering will be pioneering new technologies and developing solutions to the problems the world is facing now.
School Of Business
With a mission to develop budding entrepreneurs and management professionals, SNU offers management degrees under the School of Business,
School Of Sciences
Science is the study of the nature and behaviour of natural things and the knowledge that we obtain about them.
School Of Social Science And Humanities
Social sciences and Humanities is a major category of academic discipline thats concerned with society and its various dynamics.
School of Law
The school aims at imparting legal education to create professionals who’ll transform, redefine and reform the modern democracy.
School of Pharmacy
With the vision to lead in pharmacy education, SNU has initiated the School of Pharmacy. Finest Pharmacists,
School Of Nursing
For those who are looking for a platform to contribute in the field of healthcare, SNU offers a broad curriculum supported by hands-on experience. Nurses are always in demand
School of Hotel Management
The School believes in developing a sense of responsibility, and a holistic approach within the student while focusing on a detailed structure of hospitality, hotels, catering, and other related aspects.
Design and Fine Arts
The demand for skilled artists and designers is increasing rapidly, and here is a chance to nurture your special interests.
PhD Progrmas
Become an outstanding scholar with a PhD program at SNU for career in research and related areas in leading academic/non-academic industry.
Specialised Courses
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) And BSE Institute Limited

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