Harnessing Technology, Enriching Lives


The Department of Global Affairs & International Relations of Techno India Group and Sister Nivedita University has been formed with a motto of enhancing the depth of knowledge across various Universities across the globe to help the vibrant group of students with high zeal in the knowledge community of our University. The Department thrives on the diversity of voices with the help of the collaborative partners from different Universities. We host students from all corners of the world who make an incredible group to outshine the world. It focuses on developing the outlook of students at an international level. This field is very unique, mostly because of the wide spectrum of topics included in it like Management, Engineering & Technology, Social Sciences & Humanities, Hospitality & Tourism Administration, Science, Life Science, Economics & Commerce.


The mission of TIG-SNU’s Department of Global Affairs & International Relations is to enhance the academic experiences of international students and scholars by providing the highest levels of knowledge and expertise in advising, immigration services, integration into academics, and everyday living within the campus community and beyond.


To serve as a vital partner to campus and external entities to advance international engagement and advocacy

  • Highlight the value that the international community brings to the university
  • Advocate for the needs and concerns of the international community
  • Collaborate with campus partners to advance international engagement
  • Strengthen our identity as a key partner on campus through outreach and support
  • Leverage relationships with external partners to meet the needs of our client

To enhance the learning experience through our services and programs

  • Provide a personalized international learning experience through clear, accurate and holistic advising
  • Cultivate a flexible, hybrid service model to best serve the changing and diverse needs of our students
  • Pursue creative improvements of global services to meet new challenges and identify opportunities for growth
  • Utilize data to evaluate global opportunities and programs
  • Enrich the international student experience by helping them to connect with the TIG/ SNU community in a post-pandemic world