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For over three decades, the Techno India Group has experienced an incredible journey, emerging as a prominent brand worldwide. With its diverse sectors encompassing education, entertainment, publication, health, and media, the organization offers unparalleled opportunities to the aspiring youth of India. What began as a small initiative in 1985 by the visionary Roychowdhury brothers from Kapasdanga, Hooghly, has now blossomed into a colossal tree, firmly rooted in the field of education. Recognizing the tremendous potential of computer education even before the introduction of the open economy in India, they spearheaded a digital literacy revolution in the state. They had the foresight to understand that the future careers of the new generation would heavily rely on computer applications in their daily lives. Techno India stands today as a premier institution in engineering education, ranking among the top engineering colleges, offering excellent opportunities for students to excel in their chosen fields.

Why Choose Us?

Techno India recognizes the significance of fostering collaboration between globally renowned institutes and universities to drive meaningful contributions benefiting society as a whole. In the midst of a population explosion, where unemployment rates have surged, the organization is committed to promoting creative thinking and revolutionary innovations. Despite challenges in transportation and communication, Techno India has diligently established centers across remote areas of West Bengal. This initiative has not only encouraged the emergence of similar training centers like WEBEL (a government undertaking) but has also positioned Techno India as a leading institution in the field of education. Under the guidance of Mr. Satyam Roychowdhury, the Managing Director, Techno India continues to forge strategic partnerships and steer the organization towards its rightful trajectory as a top engineering college and a pioneer in the education sector.

Techno India Group building
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At Techno India, our unwavering dedication to excellence is a core value that transcends boundaries and serves as our greatest strength. We are steadfast in our commitment to continuously evolve and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the times. With our abundant resources and unwavering commitment, we relentlessly pursue perfection today while actively working towards a brighter future. As a top engineering college and a leading institution in the education sector, we prioritize quality education and strive to provide a conducive learning environment that prepares students for tomorrow's challenges.


Techno India is deeply dedicated to revolutionizing the boundaries of possibilities for individuals eager to acquire knowledge. We empower those with an entrepreneurial drive to foster innovation, possess the compassion to utilize education for the betterment of humanity, and possess the foresight to recognize the boundless potential of technology. As a leading institution in the education sector, particularly in engineering, Techno India provides a nurturing environment that encourages students to explore their potential and achieve excellence. We believe in equipping our students with the necessary skills and wisdom to thrive in a rapidly evolving world, where technology plays a pivotal role.