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TIG Aumni

Gargi Sau

Firmware Developer, Intel
The environment and opportunities to learn and grow personally as well as academically has enabled me to find considerable finesse in my profession. This whole process has been aided and spurred by SIT. The cooperation and assistance of the faculty here has helped me delve deep into the sea of knowledge. Also, the placement department organised various personality development classes, guest lectures, industry oriented training and brought world class companies at campus placements that has provided me immense support and assisted me to find my place in the corporate sector.

Ritabrata Moitra

ThoughtWorks, Pune
I, Ritabrata Moitra, am a pass-out of Netaji Subhash Engineering College batch of 2016 and currently working as a Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks Pune. I am thoroughly grateful to all my college professors for being friends, mentors and guides in the formative years of my career. I would also like to thank the entire TIG group and SIT Siliguri for bringing a company of ThoughtWorks' stature in our campus and providing me with the opportunity to rub shoulders with the very best in the industry. I have also been lucky enough to go back to the campus that I was hired from, twice, to recruit future ThoughtWorkers who will shape our organisation's tomorrow. I am thankful to ThoughtWorks and TIG group for the same and would like to express my desire to continue visiting the campus since it keeps giving us some of the brightest minds that we boast about.

Ishant Sharma

Altimetrik India Pvt Ltd
Time and Tide waits for none they say, but the same can surely be tamed. That's what I learned and slowly realized all through out my college life. Just another random looking engineering institute was indeed the one with a bit of difference. While in the lap of the Queen of Hills, The Siliguri Institute of Technology, or let me proudly call it - 'My Alma Mater', nurtured my inner self and made me ready for the big bad world and most importantly the industry where one faces surprising harsh realities of a corporate life. The Faculty is ever helpful and niche in their areas, they develop your technical skills in a manner that certainly is a demand in the industry currently, a demand which is not sufficiently fulfilled, especially in the Indian IT and other technical sectors. No wonder, the students have proven themselves nationally and internationally. When I wrote my first 'Hello World' program in college I had no idea that one day my codes will indeed literally be greeting the World a big Hello, and when I feel my chest puffed today I definitely end up giving my college the absolute credit which shaped every student into smartest innovators and wildest corporate bulls ready to fight the tuff Bhallal Devas and definitely beating him! LOL!! Enough said, all I have to conclude is apart from the buildings and Labs and facilities, the college had skills and values to offer, the buildings might fall and perish, but the values and skills will remain and help you realize your destination while you are finding paths in your journey. Hope you are smiling enough while you read my nostalgia, wish you every Luck and Success!

Smriti Verna

Working in Microsoft Bangalore
I was selected in Microsoft in 2016 September for Batch 2017 passout. The opportunity was the best exposure a student can get in their Final year of engineering. We had few rounds of interview for the placement with complete support from our college. We were few from different branches of TIG. We got selected for the Internship of 3 months in Microsoft. These 3 month were full of trainings around Microsoft technology while also getting an exposure to learn the work. We were then selected for FullTime work after Final semester. This was full of creating an expertise around Microsoft Product including Office product, Azure , active directory etc. This job has given us immense exposure to leading technologies in IT world and with best set of colleague, work culture and Knowledge. This job has giving us great knowledge and exposure to technologies. I thank our college, mentors and work mentors for this.

Subham Sarda

Intel Technology India Pvt. Ltd.
It's been an incredible 4 year journey with Siliguri Institute of Technology, an integral part of the Techno India Group. It's always good to be one among those many students who are the part of an institution which provides knowledge, gives multiple opportunities to apply the same to create wonderful projects and not only that but also to showcase the projects at multiple national and state level platforms. Also, the last thing that a undergrad would want, is to get placement opportunities in good renowned companies from the college itself and that is the best part of what Techno India Group offers. It feels good today, when working as an intern at Intel, I look back to all that the college offered me.

Amit Kumar Prajapati

McAfee India
"I joined college in 2015 and since then the journey has been wonderful. From the faculties to the Training and placement cell , all are very supportive . They have guided me throughout the journey and made me ready for the corporate world. Techno India Group provides a great exposure to students by organizing different activities which are very much helpful for every student for deciding their future field. It is due to these efforts I got placed in McAfee India. "

Avirup Basu

Prescriber360 Solutions
SIT's placement cell has helped us a lot in securing good jobs and provided us with the initial kick start to our career. The training(s) and workshop(s) coupled with industry exposure through seminars and tech-talks did help us a lot to get a glimpse of the corporate environment. I would like to bring out pointers like hackathons which was an integral part of the recruitment process beside the standard interviews. These hackathons did bring out creativity and innovation in most of us. Although this is my second job, but that being said, the first company I worked for Altimetrik India Private Limited was great.

Sourik Adhikary

I tried to learn about my subjects. Competitive programming helped me in picking up things pretty quickly. I spent most of my first and second year with contests and practicing competitive coding and in the third year, I have learned things in a much more streamlined manner. The core subjects were interesting to learn. I loved Data Structures and Algorithms.


I feel proud to be a student of TINT previously known as TICT. This institution not only provides quality education, it also teaches us how to apply this knowledge in regular life. College is providing special classes for Career Enhancement and skill development training which are really helpful for cracking the job interviews during campus placement.


From the very beginning to till date everyone has been very supportive and friendly in Techno International NewTown (TINT).We are enjoying full of activities apart from our regular curriculum, lots of seminars and Industry connect guest lecture program are arranged for Industry readiness. We have received lots of wonderful job opportunities through our college T&P Cell. Personally I had focused in all the basics of engineering subjects and practiced a lot of aptitude questions. I am really blessed to be a part of this college


I was one of the students to pass out from the first batch of Techno India College of Technology in 2009, and feel proud for that. I was initially offered at Infosys Ltd. as Software Engineer and currently I am with Cognizant Technology Solutions as a Business Consultant. Now my college name has been changed as Techno International New Town. The four years of my college life were one of the best days because of the excellent training and placement activities, the involvement in various student committees, the interaction with the faculty members, the industry exposure that the college was provided –all are helping me in my professional journey and also to become a matured human being. The Alumni of this college are spread across not only in India but also throughout the world with their successful career opportunities.


I'm working in German MNC Hettich India Private Limited as Assistant Manager, now. I have offered the job through College Campus Placement. I wanted to take a moment to thanks to my teachers, TPO Sir for all the support that they have shown to me throughout my college life and their blessing is continuing till date. The college has help me to establish self confidence and motivation to grow up.